Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ask me what I have done the last 2 nights....

.....I have slept in our bed all stretched out by myself! Ever since we brought Lauren home, Carter has boycotted his bigboy bed. It has been easier just to give in and let him sleep with me. Travis works 3rds so having the kids in their hasnt seemed like a big deal- that is until my husband is off work and cant sleep in the bed with us. I kept telling myself it would be so hard to get him to sleep in his bed especially since Lauren seems to always be awake and fussy at Carter's bedtime but after talking about it over the weekend, I decided...well, Travis decided, that it was time i gave it a try. It has worked out so well the last 2 nights. No fussing, no tears. Such a blessing so far. He has slept through the night AND hasnt had any accidents either. Ms. Lauren has been hungry the past 2 nights. She had went a little longer between feedings last week but I believe it was only due to a decreased appetite after her shots because she is now back to hungry every 2 to 3 hours but hey, atleast everyone is getting on some type of routine around here :)

Yesterday was so nasty/icky/bitter cold. I haven't been impressed with our weather. Kinda over it and ready for days that involve open windows, warm breezes, and playing outside. One great thing about the nasty day yesterday was getting to meet up with a great friend for lunch. It made my day. We had a "husband bashing session" lol. That sounds so bad. We didnt bash them too terribly. We basically just made fun of the male species a little bit- and laughed alot. (Very therapeutic).

I've decided it has set the tone for my week. A fun week full of laughs and positive attitudes. Happy Tuesday!! ;)

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Miranda said...

congratulations :) I'm sure Travis will really enjoy that on the weekends!