Thursday, February 3, 2011

Well, I cant ever say I'm bored....

My mom had a dr. appt yesterday so I came home from work at 2pm. At 4pm I told carter it was time for him to rest and by 415 both kids were surprisingly asleep. The house was completely silent. I laid there curled up on the couch trying to decide what to do in the little amount of free time I had. I could catch up a little bit on sleep, I could attempt to shave my legs, I could do the office work I didnt get to finish earlier, I could go ahead and cook atleast one of the meals for Travis to take to work, do laundry and put away the dishes, or I could do my Power90 workout (that I really did not feel like doing). I just laughed. Isn't just wild all the things you need to accomplish? I always feel like I am drowning in my week by Wednesday and completely sleep deprived. I get a weekend power nap that usually gets me from Friday to Wednesday but once Wednesday comes, I'm fighting the urge to think about how nice it would be to lay down and my to do list is a mile long and the funny thing is I could have sworn I was accomplishing so much everyday. It actually took me a little while to catch on that with a 2 1/2 yr old, you have to clean the house every single day and when you cook every meal, you have to clean your kitchen all day long and dishes and laundry will always be waiting to be done and office work/paper work is never done. I finally got it in my head that I will never be "done" with any of it and that's ok. I'm definitely not stressing it all like before but no doubt I find myself laughing and shaking my head every day. it's just so much busier over here. I could do office work every single day and still have more things to do. I could spend everyday managing the house and meal plan and groceries, I could spend every day all day long taking care of my babies, keeping them on a routine, and teaching Carter new things, I could spend everyday of the week working out, getting to shower daily, taking time getting dressed and ready to go- but i cant. i have to "bounce" from one thing to the next all day long everyday. It's wild. I Love the life God has allowed me to have- It is full of blessings and "bouncing" is okay, beyond that it HAS to be okay because that's the life I'm living. SO, after 10 minutes of deciding, I put my phone on silence- (only to find later that I had 7 office related voicemails,2 personal calls, and 5 text messages)- I did the power 90 workout while the oven pre-heated, the rice cooked, and the washing machine ran. Lauren woke up 10 minutes into everything but found mommy quite amusing while jumping around the livingroom. I took a quick shower after cooking and put away the dishes. I ran 15 minutes late to chuch but I got there AND I didnt hit the skunk or the dog that ran out in front of me on the way.
I looked down at church and realized I had thrown on my new balances instead of a pair of dress shoes (the white and pink new balances looked great with my black slacks lol).
I know everyone stays busy, I'm nothing special and am not doing any more than the majority of people so please dont take me as if i am complaining or even venting, though I'm sure it sounds as if I am. I truly am finding a good balance with all I am having to work with. It's just amusing to me when I try to make out a "to do list". It takes too long to make it because it is So long. lol. Shew, I see a nap somewhere in my future- and hopefully a somewhat long bath! Both are hiding under all the house work, meal plans, diaper changes, storytimes, Surgery day schedules, and exercise ;)

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SherryB said...

I love reading your blog- it always makes me smile!! You do such a great job of balancing everything out- I can't wait to get over there and hold that sweet baby. I bet she's grown a ton since Christmas. Love you girl :)