Friday, January 8, 2010


We woke up to birds singing and only a faint sight of grass covered by snow. I have really enjoyed this past week. I worked at the office Monday and Wednesday and worked from the home office Tuesday and Thursday during Carter's naptime and after he has went to sleep each night. Patient's have called throughout the days at home but it hasn't been hard to take care of everything from the house and I absolutely love being at home with Carter. He has been so entertaining this week, more so than usual. He is into EVERYTHING.

I thought it would be fun for us all to post a blog about our morning routine. No matter how mundane you feel yours may be, it gives your readers a window into your world :)

My Monday mornings run a little different then the rest because it is surgery day at the office which means I'm up by 6am and Carter and I are out the door by 7:30. The rest of the week however, goes like this:

I wake up at 7am and make the bed then nature usually calls :)

Carter is up stirring usually between 7:15 and 7:30

He goes potty while I brush my teeth

Then he sits on the potty lid while I brush his teeth-then he brushes his teeth (otherwise his good mood turns into a whiny one)

By this time Travis gets home from work and he and Carter "wrestle". I like to give them time alone so I use this time to figure out what I'm wearing and pick out Carter's outfit for the day and get a cup of coffee brewing. Then I join in the morning madness and carter jumps on Travis's head while he tells me about his night at work.
Once Travis is out of the shower and in bed,

Carter then sits on the couch and watches Mickey Mouse on DVR while I get his sippy cup and myself that cup of coffee.

I check my email and drink my coffee while he drinks his milk watching Mickey
 ( I call this our morning leisure time)

Once Mickey goes off, he informs me that it did go off & then plays with his toys.

While he is playing, I fix breakfast which is either blueberry or peaches and cream oatmeal, an egg sandwich, french toast, or muffins usually. He likes watermelon, cantaloupe, and grapes on the side.

Next, I wash my hair while he watches
 (I have to take a bath after he goes to sleep at night and wash my hair in the mornings because i don't want to use my hair dryer without him in the room with me. I'm afraid he will wake up and I won't hear him)

After I wash my hair, Carter takes a bath.
Once he is clean, I let him play with his bath toys while I dry my hair.

Then I get him dressed and myself dressed.

And there ya have it!

.............I am way too detailed.

Your turn  ;)

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Kristin Green said...

Lol I wish our routine was a little more organized like yours..I guess time will change things it feels a little chaotic right now lol here is usually how our mornings go:

Aubrey wakes for work at 7:00 and this is around what time Anden wakes up as well( and the past 3 nights he has slept all through the night!)

Aubrey then takes his shower and I get his coffee ready. While the coffers is brewing, I change andens diaper and feed him a bottle. Aubrey isn't a breakfast person so I usually don't have to cook unless he is in the mood for it.

After Aubrey leaves for work , I usually take my shower. I take one before bed to relax me for sleep and one in the morning to wake me up. I'm so paranoid to take a shower while andens awake or asleep if I'm here alone , so I strap him in his little vibrating seat and sit him in the bathroom while I shower lol

I then get myself dressed and then its andens turn! I give him a bath and his clothes on an outfit or a sleeper depending on if we are staying in for the day or running errands. About 9:00 he takes his morning nap and sleeps to about 10:30.

If your wandering when I blow dry my hair or check my email its a hit or miss thing lol sometimes I have to just throw my hair up wet and go with it bc I simply don't have time and I'm paranoid bout the hair dryer thing as well. When he is asleep I try to get the needed house cleaning done such as our mt everest of clothes lol I know you told me not to do that but I cannot stand a dirty house lol

The rest of my day is about as chaotic as my mornings lol
Maybe I will adjust and be able to balance things better as time goes on ..:)