Thursday, January 7, 2010


I haven't drank a carbonated drink in over a month- and more importantly, I have no desire too!  I had it in my head for a long time that I had to have a mtn dew at least once a day but now I want water or green tea. I have started drinking a cup or two of coffee every 2 days but studies say (supposedly) that a cup of coffee is actually good for you and way better than anything carbonated so hopefully I'm not trading one bad habit for another.
I have also hit the treadmill the past 3 days. The first night for only 30 minutes but then last night I lasted 47 minutes and today I made it an hour and 10 minutes. I think I would do better running in the mornings but don't have that option. I am working on starting out a low(er) calorie diet. It's not that I even eat "junk" food. I just eat too big of portions because I skip meals SO I am now eating 3 small meals a day and 1 healthy snack. Hoping to up my metabolism and lower my calories. The drinking water has been awesome. I feel so much better. My body was dehydrated and I didn't realize it until after correcting the problem. No wonder I felt like a slug. My body was running off of...well, nothing good.
I'm going to get healthier this year, get myself into shape and hopefully tone my body and lose some weight in the process. I'm really excited!

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Kellie said...

did anyone ever tell you that you're wonderful!!??? :) An inspiration.