Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

My #1 plan for tomorrow is to not leave the house. I shall stay inside and attempt to do office work in the company of my almost 2 year old. (It's going to be a fun challenge).....It was SO cold today. By the time I got from my vehicle to inside the office, shaving my legs this morning was a complete waste of time.

By the way, scrubs are way too thin. Someone needs to make winter scrubs.

I'm not much on sleeping for long periods of time, not since I was pregnant anyway, but this week I think I could stay in bed and sleep all day. My body has went through a lot of changes since I've had Carter. Mentally and physically I have went from the energizer battery bunny to a slug. It's ironic too because now that I have a toddler I really need it to be the other way around. 

Coffee doesn't seem to effect me like it used to either. I have went to drinking only water and green tea. After 3 weeks, I started drinking Coffee and it has no effect on me other than it goes straight through me so there's more bathroom breaks. No surge of energy. No shock on the caffeine-free body causing a nifty little boost of adrenaline that makes washing dishes just almost seem fun.

So disappointing.

My #2 plan for tomorrow evening is that I am hitting the treadmill wide open.  I'm excited. I'm gonna run until my legs feel like jelly. Then I'm gonna run some more and then about 2 days later I am probably going to post a blog whining about how sore I am :)

Well, my child just came wandering down the hall waving and saying "hi". Apparently our 1st attempt for bed had a slight malfunction so onto attempt #2.

Everyone has a Happy Tuesday!

Oh- and remember in your prayers not to forget to pray for God to prepare you this week for whatever his will has in store for you and also to pray throughout the week for the message your preacher will bring you on Sunday.

Prepare your dinners this week.
Prepare for going back to school.
Prepare your shopping list.
Prepare for your workday.
But most importantly prepare your soul so that you can fulfill the Lord's will in your life. Don't be unprepared.

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Kellie said...

I love that last part about being prepared!!