Sunday, January 3, 2010

Yay for storage space!

My sweetheart of a husband put flooring down in our attic. I fell in love with him a little bit more when he did this. I spent the last 2 weekends getting everything organized in storage totes and on Saturday we put it all up there. I'm still super giddy over it. I have a baby section, baby/wedding shower supply section, each season has it's own section, I'm sure you get the point :)
There is nothing under the beds AND I have empty shelve space in the closets!!!

Prior to the awesome attic storage space, I was constantly feeling like the house wasn't clean because I knew there was clutter in the closets and under our bed. It was driving me crazy. I kept dragging everything out, going through it all, and putting it right back in the same spots but now it all has a "home".

The only negative thing about the whole experience is that we bought this house 3 years ago and just now thought about the attic. Yeah, that's kind of pathetic. I was saving up for a storage building in order to not clutter Travis's bonus room off the garage and he said, "Why do we not just use the attic, it's really big". He has no idea the brownie points he has scored. I get very excited over tupperware and baskets, shoe hangers for the door, etc... He just gave me the best christmas present ever. LOL...I'm way too easy to please.


stephanie said...

I know the feeling, I'm the exact same way. I love to organize and reorganize. :)

MannMom3 said...

Hey there! I just want to say thanks for visiting my blog..

Happy Monday and have a great week!


Allison said...

I agree...tupperware and organization stuff is the best! Too bad we don't have an attic-because my closet is stuffed haha!

~Kim~ said...

Oh, how I love to buy organizational stuff! (I just forget to use it, lol.) I am happy for you for getting organized. One day, when you are bored with nothing to do, you can come organize for me! =)