Saturday, May 2, 2009

Let them be little.....

You can't see it as well as in person but this is a mold of Carter's little hand. It's so little but at the same time it seems so big compared to a few months back. I came across a number 3 diaper in my emergency "out and about" kit. It was time to trade out to a #4 which he's been wearing for about 2 months already and the #3 diaper looked so small and I remembered when the #4's looked too big to fit him. I know I'm posting about diaper sizes but it's such a realization of how quick this whole experience flies by. He was just born yesterday, how is he one already? and why does he have to start kindergarten tomorrow,you know what I'm saying. It really is a "don't blink" type situation. It blows me away. He's the coolest little person I have ever met. I'm constantly laughing or smiling at something he is doing or attempting to say. He's been a little chatter box more and more everyday. I'm treating time like a sponge, I'm going to just soak it all in and thank God for it. And I'm going to take more and more pictures and savor as many memories as possible and I'm going to be careful not to blink.

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