Sunday, May 3, 2009

We are on the same team.

The best way to win at LIFE is to not treat it like a competition.

We are all supposed to be on the same team. We should be happy for one another and build each other up. We should be able to lean on each other for support. We shouldn't have to hide our faults. I believe if everyone was do to exactly as God would want them to do, then none of the "status mess" would be lurking in the shadows. I wish I could address the reason I felt lead to post this but due to privacy of some loved ones, I will not go into specifics. Let's just say that here was an event that persons did not attend due to pride. I must say that in my opinion, Pride is such a stumbling block and it causes those who embrace it to really miss out on enjoying life. I understand that some can feel very "looked down upon" by others but the ones doing the "measuring" have their own issues and you shouldn't let their issues affect you and your actions. It really doesn't matter what you do for a living COMPARED to what others do, it doesn't matter what your income is COMPARED to what others make, It doesn't matter if your house is smaller than someone elses or if you do or don't own certain things.
~Now if you like something then by all means, knock yourself out, but if anything you buy or anything you strive to become is out of "show" for your fellow man, then you need a reality check. Stop living in Comparison. God doesn't want us wasting our time that he gave us on trying to "keep up with the Jones' ". The only thing we need to keep up with is God's plan for us. I, for one, am not going to feel like less of a person based on a scale of materialistics or job credentials, degrees, or by my outward appearance. God has beautiful plans for each of us and we are God's children. We are family. We are on the same team.
I apologize that I always sound so "do this, do that" on my blogs. I don't mean to come across bossy and "preachy", I just get a burden and run with it.

It saddens me to think that a lot of people will miss out on enjoying their own lives because they were too busy trying to keep up with someone elses.

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