Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sendin out the Love

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. The cold weather and lack of sunshine can really drag a woman's mood down but hey,it's been a great week for soup :)
Today I had lunch with my Hailey and that ALWAYS makes my day. So, thank you Hailey for the nice visit (and for buying my lunch).

Everyone please remember to pray for those struggling for jobs and those with health issues. Remember Andy Dunn and his family. Remember the troops out their serving our country and please pray for our president elect that he will hopefully follow God in all his decision making.

I know God has got everything under control. We just have to keep our faith in him. I just pray that everyone would put all of their faith in him. Like my husband has said, I can't imagine how much more scary everything must seem for those without God.
Yorozu (Calsonic) started the layoff process last night. I think it was around ten people but I could be off by a bit. Travis is in Maintainence there. We've been preparing for whatever may come over the next few years. I asked him last night if he was nervous and he said no, That no matter what was to happen, he feels 100% confident that God will always see us through. It is such a blessing to me to know that we share the same confidence in the Lord. I view worry as an insult to God. That's just my view and i'm not meaning it negative toward anyone who worries. Since Carter came into my life, I can easily see God may have to remind me not to worry from time to time, but I know that when trials arise, that is God's time to shine. What better way to give him the glory then to turn to him, with unwavering faith and say "Here God, just take it, I know you have got this in your control". I truely believe that as long as we always trust him to carry us through then he will. It may be hard, it may be heartbreaking for a while but he will deliver us and we just have to keep our faith in his promises.

I had planned on just writing that I hope everyone has a great week but i just kept on


Dee said...
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Dee said...

When god closes one door, he opens another and no man can shut it. All you have to do is have faith and step inside. Everything will be ok. If you and your family need us we are here! that's what neighbors are for!
Love Detra

Kristin Green said...

hey chick sorry I missed lunch.I have been on the go non stop since before christmas and as soon as I start to slow down it hits me of how exhausted I am. Of course having the stomach flu twice in one weekend doesnt help either. Let me know when you guys go again and Il def be up for it! love you! give carter hugs for me!