Saturday, January 3, 2009


How I spent 2008

In Love. Prayer. Pregnant. School. Car Rides with Monica. Dr. Appointments. Morning Sickness. All day Sickness. Car Shopping. Exercising. Office Work. Dental Assisting. Baby Shower. 21 Hours of labor. Emergency Cesarean. Carter's Arrival. Travis proves to be the greatest man I've ever met. Passed exam= became RDA Certified. New Friends. Great Friends. Realizations. Kidney Stones. front Porch Swing. Growth. Breastfeeding. Become Extreme "Homebody". So much Learning. Sleepless nights. Date Nights with Travis. cleaning. Reading. Highlights. Crafts. Stroller Rides with Carter. Family time. Presidential Election. Chicken Salads. Mocha Joe's. Organizing. Baby's first smile. Baby's first Laugh. Baby's first word. Baby sits up all by himself. Baby rolls over. Baby eats solid food. Baby gets first 2 teeth. Mommy and Daddy spend the day with Baby toy melodies stuck in head. Grow Confidence within my work. Baby stands while holding on. Multi- tasking at WHOLE NEW LEVEL. Become Lover of Long Baths when opportunity presents itself. All about Simplicity. Blessings. Thankfulness. Humility. Compassion. Empathy. Surrounded in and by Love.

God is writing my Story....

I loved Jessica Higgins recap of 2008 and decided to do one as well. thanks for the idea Jessica!

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Kristen said...

Sounds like you had a busy but beautiful 2008!