Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Conspiracy theory..

Some of you already know I have this big conspiracy theory about how household chemicals and additives in foods contribute to the cause of medical issues and possibly some types of cancers. It's just a feeling in my gut that I can't shake. If you were to look up splenda, the studies argue back and forth and the long-term study on artificial sugar is incomplete. There's not a confirmed "yes it causes cancer" and there isn't a "no, it doesn't". that isn't comforting. I believe 110% that manmade products, such as household cleaners, have harmful chemicals in them that we should not be inhaling or coming in contact with. I also believe very firmly that all the "shortcuts" out there come with negative consequences. For example all the sugar substitutes...I do not trust them at all! When I learned about my ovarian syndrome, I spoke with a nutritionalist who advised me to quit diet drinks and artificial sweetners immediately. Once i did that, ironically enough, my cysts started to minimize..hmm...that was neat to say the least...(Of course prayer was also a HUGE contributing factor as well).
We also discussed all the hormones in meat and all the additives in processed foods. Some studies have shown where females are starting puberty pre-maturely due to the hormones that are pumped into the meats. This can really mess with our bodies obviously and i feel it is a huge contributing factor to my ovarian syndrome. It would be an extreme lifestyle change to go completely organic but i'm trying to atleast get my family "back to basics" as far as cleaning with safe, natural cleaners, such as baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, etc... I also rely on the melaleuca company (all natural...yay) for my laundry detergent and i've been working on a more healthy, natural diet.I'm looking forward to a garden this year. However, i don't think i could ever give up my #11 at BK either....the withdrawls would be something fierce.
i don't want to push my opinions on anyone especially since i don't have ALL the information yet but I did come across some interesting reading material....
The following are 2 articles I found after hearing about speculation on how aerasol sprays, such as air fresheners have leading agents contributing to causing cancer and another on splenda. i just felt lead to share it so if you have time please feel free to read them...God Bless!

http://www. care2. com/greenliving/air-fresheners-easy-greening. html

http://www. womentowomen. com/nutritionandweightloss/splenda. aspx


Paige Todd said...

I am feeling pretty good. Thank you for asking. How is your little family doing?

Tanya said...

Tara, I just seen where you added yourself as follower on my blog and I just wanted to drop in and say thank you for following us. I am just now finding your blog so I will be keeping up with you and I am adding you to my list of favs.. Thanks again!!!

Tanya said...

By the way, I meant to mention that I totally agree with you on the household chemicals and stuff. I totally feel the same way as you. (I just haven't switched over due to laziness I guess). I have stopped using sugar subs as well as the rest of my family.. (and the problems I was having while using them have since subsided as well). Just thought I would let ya know I'm right there with ya!!!