Thursday, October 9, 2008


Our neighbor down the road took in this stray puppy and everytime we went walking she would greet us. She was very well-mannered. Such a little sweetie. The boys that live just one lot down, across the street from that sweet dog, called the dog into their yard and shot and killed her. How disappointing to say the VERY least. To top off the situation, the father of the boys lied and said that he was the one who shot the dog because it was on his property and he didn't realize it belonged to anyone (even though the dog wore a collar AND the boys were seen doing it. ) I apologize for coming across judgemental and opinionated on this matter, but what kind of example does that set? Teach them to lie about killing..hmm.

I wish that everyone could have a nice big fence around each of his/her yard so that children didn't get too close to the road and so that family pets had room to run around without wandering into unwanted territory. In fact, i wish it was a requirement in neighborhoods but it isn't.

I wish I wasn't sitting here thinking about how I hope to raise my son opposite of how those parents are raising them. Which brings me to my question. Is that perspective harsh? Is it the fault of the parents? Is that just a 'kids being kids moment' in your opinion? Are the parents doing a great job parenting and the kids just messed up or is the fact that those children don't show to have a gentle nature with animals, something the parents should've worked on? It's not that i want to sit here and place blame, but it really does make me wonder, who's at fault?


SherryB said...

I worry about these things too. I am always afraid my kids are gonna get outta my site and do something that I did not teach them to do. I mean- how do you know you've done enough to teach them that shooting a dog is unacceptable? I guess we just have to do all we can and hope that they grasp the lessons we have taught. It kinda makes me want to put my kids in a bubble.

kandice p. said...

That is awful! It's amazing how so many little kids and even grown ups pray on animals. I've read over and over many times that when you're young and you kill animals that means when you get older it's just gonna get worse(like killing people) You're right about the fence, We live in a subdivision and this little jack russell had just gave birth to these little tiny dogs and they was following her in the road i was so afraid they was gonna get ran over, so i went and got all(6) of them and took them to my neighbors and asked if she would put them in her fence. they was strays so luckily they fount a good home. You don't do stuff like that and get away with it. Everyone should be a example to their children. Great post!