Sunday, October 12, 2008

The grass is just fine on this side of the fence.

Sometimes it just takes my breath away when I look at the life God has allowed me to have. I don't do enough for God, no where near enough. His mercy is such an enormous gift. While getting ready for church, I heard Travis talking to Carter. I glanced around the corner, to find my husband talking to our 5 month old about which outfit little man should wear today. He is such a great dad. I tell him that all the time but I don't know if he really gets how admirable I am watching him interact with Carter.

I just love him so much. He's the sweetest guy I have ever met and he's so mature. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. He told me back right before Carter was born that he's still waiting for what some of his guy friends had told him would happen. They said as soon as you get married, "everything changes, the fighting starts and she'll show her real side...the scary side" (LOL). then when I got pregnant they said, "watch out, fun's over, you are in for it, her hormones will rule the roost" (again lol). Travis said so far I have proven every negative statement wrong. It made me feel so good knowing that at each milestone, no matter what "the guys" said, he knew that it wasn't "the fun is over", instead it was "the fun has just begun". We are having a blast on the path God has lead us down and we are thanking him every step of the way.


Paige Todd said...

dont you just love the silly things that some "boys" come up with. i love it when people act as if they are speaking from experience. lol! dathan and i have more fun now that we are married and have laurel then we ever have. i love the picture of travis and carter it is too sweet.

Kristen said...

"the guys" that work w/ alan are the same way. the things he tells me that they say about their wives makes me so sad. it's so nice when you are married to your best friend and really enjoy each others company.