Saturday, October 4, 2008

My 1st Baby!
Thank you Lindsey for tagging me! Lindsey is such a wonderful person. It's so easy to see what an amazing mommy she is to Ella Claire. She is a beautiful person inside and out. I can't help but think that when God looks at her life and how she lives it, he has to nod his head and think, now that one is following my lead, she has sought out on the exact path I chose for her.

Me and My First Baby

Were you married at the time? yes
What were your reactions when you found out you were pregnant? Nervous and thankful...I had been told on more than one occasion that the chances of pregnancy were very slim. i have PCOS and rapid growing endometriosis.
How old were you? 24
How did you find out you were pregnant? I took a test just to keep my mind from wondering what if and my instincts were correct
Did you want to find out the gender? Yes, I don't know how people keep it a surprise. It would drive me crazy. We took our moms with us to find out and then went out to eat to celebrate.
Due date: April 27th
Did you deliver early or late? Late- April 29, 2008
Did you have morning sickness? All day sickness all throughout the pregnancy but after the first 3 months, I was very used to it. I'd step out of surgery, do my thing, wash up and jump back in.
What did you crave? I didn't crave much, i just couldn't keep much down. i lived off of crackers, pizza, biscuit and gravy and vegetables. I could not eat cereal, peanut butter, ANY type of meat whatsoever, etc
Who irritated you the most? people smoking near me
What was your first child’s gender? Boy
How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy? 54
Did you have any complications during your pregnancy? No, just during the labor
Where did you give birth? Murfreesboro Medical Clinic
How many hours were you in labor? 21 hours
Who drove you to the hospital? Travis
Who watched? No one, it turned into an emergency Cesarean, they slammed the door in travis's face because they had to do the incision before numbing me up due to running out of time.
Was it vaginal or c-section? C-section and it only took them 20 hours and 40 minutes to agree with me that c-section was going to be the only way
vaginalMedication? It was attempted but didn't work
How much did your child weigh? 7 lbs 9 oz
What did you name him/her? Owen Carter Rigsby
How old is your first born today? 5 months

I am tagging Paige, Sara, and Heather
Looking forward to reading yours!


ellaandmommy said...

Thank you so much for what you said about me. It really means alot.

Being a good Christan wife and mother are the most important things to me as I know they are to you. We're two blessed girls! :)

You are just too sweet. Hope you all are doing well.


WildOnes said...

wow you must have never expected birthing to be that painful huh? I am just glad you and the baby were okay. I remember playing rockband and all of a sudden you started having contractions while playing . You have a beautiful family , and are a sweet person .

Paige Todd said...

thank you so much for the nice comment. it is a lot of hard work but i really enjoy it. i love that laurel likes to set with me and "help".