Monday, September 12, 2011

The To Do List

I Need To:
Pray More.
Listen For God More.
Run More.
Leave the House in "Toy Tornado Mode" long enough to play with the kids for a few hours Every Day.
Make my Grocery list & Meal Plan the day before shopping so I am not distracted or in a hurry.
Stop misplacing things. Especially the Hubby's Stuff.
Give God More Glory.
Use my time More Wisely.
Put my keys on the key holder thingy.
Stop Fantasizing  Every Day about tossing my phone out of the car window.
Give my husband more back massages.
Focus more on work when I am there. Don't get distracted.
Take a step back from certain situations.
Talk less, So Much Less.
Read the Bible Every Day & Remember All The Answers To All The Questions Are In That Book.
Then Put Those Answers into Action.

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