Thursday, April 8, 2010

gratitude AND a new lifestyle :)

I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of you who have prayed for me. A few posts back I vented about having polycystic ovarian syndrome. Shortly after that, Travis mentioned that he wanted to start doing the Power 90 (the training version basically for the P90x workout). I was very excited and decided to really dedicate our family to a new lifestyle when it came to eating and exercising. I feel very strongly that the food and drinks with all of their artificial ingredients and preservatives cause more harm than good and Travis and I started researching about the food in restaurants. I STRONGLY urge you to purchase the books "Eat this, Not That" and "Cook This, Not that". They have changed the way we eat. Travis and I both only drink water and Sobe naturally flavored water (I have a 6oz cup of coffee with 1 teaspoon of sugar each morning too). We eat fruit and lean meats only, healthy veggies and watch our calories. Ever since we cut out the "eating out" down to one time per week (and we only eat the healthy food-the book "eat this, not that" lets you know exactly what is actually healthy to eat from restaurants and what's so polluted with junk it might as well just be called "slow-acting poison") I have noticed my body is satisfied between 1000-1300 calories (of healthy food) per day. You'd be shocked to know how many calories you eat from a small tator tot and burger at sonic. Bless it! I was probably taking in 2500 calories a day just from eating the absolute wrong item on the menu along with the snacks i ate at home. I have never felt so good and healthy. I crave water and spinach and cantalope and broccoli now. I'll never drink a carbonated drink again and i'm so thankful i no longer have a desire to. At first i wanted to do it to lose weight but more importantly I just want to be healthy and take care of my body.

I had tests done 2 weeks ago and the dr said I show no signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome and I know your prayers was a huge factor in that. I definitely cant help but  think that the change in lifestyle helped too but I know the power of prayer exceeds everything so thank you all for lifting my situation up in your prayers!

I cannot help but believe SO many diseases are caused by some of our bodies being hyper-sensitive to certain things we digest.  Please go to walmart and at least flip through those books. The 2010 edition of "cook this, not that" is behind the old editions (they are trying to get rid of the 2009 edition so its in front) Walmart is atleast $3 cheaper than the one at Hastings. After reading these books and watching the documentary "food,Inc" changing what we consume was So easy as well as liberating.  Oh, and the recipes in "cook this, not that" are SOOOO GOOOD and easy to make. I am in love!

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Saylorsmom said...

My sister watched Food,Inc. She said it was a real eye opener. Thanks for the info. I need to be eating that way. I will have to check the book out. Keep up the good work.