Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay, I know, I know...Easter is a little ways off  still, spring is still too far away, and
I know we have a cold week ahead of us HOWEVER, God gave us a wonderful preview of the coming season and I am so grateful. I was in desperate need of this pretty weekend. Carter was so funny. The last time we went out and played in our back yard was when it was snowing so when we went out yesterday he just stood still in the same spot for over five minutes straight, I couldn't coax him out of that spot. I finally realized that when it had snowed, Travis had told him to "hold daddy's hand when you walk" (so he wouldn't fall face first in the snow (Yes, I know we are way too protective-working on it). Sure enough when I went over and reached for his hand, he grabbed my index finger and took off running. If only he was that obedient All the time :)

I've had a great weekend. I hate to see it go but I almost would feel too selfish to have it last any longer (almost). I hope everyone has a great week!

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Paige Todd said...

the weather was beautiful and i was very happy to see the sun and feel the warm breeze :)