Friday, October 2, 2009

Another shower in the works..

Hailey and I are putting together Monica's shower. here's a peak at the invitations I made. Emerie's room is done in black and white damask print with light pink so we are following right along with the shower theme being the same. Please let me know if you can't tell what the cut out in the bottom corner on the invitation is. Travis said it took him a minute to see that it the tan color was supposed to be the side profile of her shoulder and arm. Can you tell?


Allison said...

I can tell it's a silhouette! That invite is super cute. GOOD JOB! :)

~Kim~ said...

I can totally see the silhouette! So cute. You are too creative!

Thank you for your wonderful comment. THANK YOU so much for offering to help out. We are making it, tho. He is a tough cookie when he needs to be! Again, thank you so much! It means a lot! =)