Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What a face...

I am loving all of Carter's facial expressions. He is such a fun little person. He has several moments every day where he stops playing, comes over, and has to give hugs and kisses. It is so sweet. He also is all about making us laugh. The faces he makes are too cute and he has this fake laugh he does that is so funny.

On a slightly different topic, wanna hear something I find to be one of the biggest blessings ever? No? Well, i'm gonna tell you anyway :)

My son is obsessed with using the potty. Hopefully his love for the "" will continue on. I've been letting him sit on the potty everyday for atleast 30 seconds since he was around 9 months. he thinks it is the coolest thing ever and now that we are getting a routine going, he doesn't like being wet at all. He tries to get his pants off all by himself. Last night he frantically started smacking his diaper and saying paapaapaapaa so I stripped him down and sat him up there and he went successfully right in time.
He also took four steps today! I'd say it will be atleast 3 weeks before his confidence is up enough so that he doesn't fear for his life when taking steps without mommy or daddy's hand but he will get there. He has been so fearful of falling but he's ready to walk. He scales the house from couch to table to doorfacing to fridge. I think he could possibly scale a building. Travis and I were so excited about the 4 steps, we nearly knocked him off balance. i told Travis that would be the luck, he gets over his fear of falling, lets go of mommy's hand, takes four steps, and boom daddy and mommy knock him


Kellie said...

that is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Adcock Family said...

He is getting so big! Glad to hear he has taken a few steps. We are looking for Carter to start crawling any day!