Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If you have some good juicy gossip, PLEASE don't sit next to me!

Quite often , across my mind wonders the thought of, "I wish I had never known....."
Do you ever hear about so-and-so who cheated on so-and-so or just about anything negative anyone did to anyone else. I know Gossip sometimes seems to be what makes some conversations worth while and is just a part of our lives. I doubt any of us make it a week around a group of other people without learning something new about someone else. I really believe though that it is best to take what you hear as a grain of salt and don't base your opinion of someone on what you have heard be it true or false because it isn't fair to you or the other person to characterize them on something that is hearsay (and none of your business). What brought me to this blog post is that when i hear that someone close to me has been cheated on or done wrong, everyone has an opinion on what that person should do about it but when It comes down to it, that person is going to make whatever decision they come up with based on what they can live with, not what anyone else, including myself can live with. We are all made up of different dynamics. we all have different ways of thinking so a bunch of people venting and talking about someone else's situation really does nothing but occupy those people's time with negative thoughts about a situation that is really none of their business, close friend involved or not. I've been one of those people filled with the negative thoughts and out of (my) place opinions. It isn't healthy and does nothing good for anyone. When it comes to negativity, I don't want any part in it. There are some situations where being naive can actually be a true blessing. I believe the less I know, the better person I can be so please help Tara be a better person and don't tell her anything negative you heard about anyone. I'm all about thinkin some happy thoughts!


LeAnne Grissom said...

Very well put. Have a great week.

Tanya said...

Amen sister!!!

ChaNikki Imagery said...

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