Wednesday, May 20, 2009

On the Go...

Carterbug is keeping me on the go these days. He was up at 6 this morning (when daddy's alarm went off). I could hear him shuffling towards the monitor, he picked it up, put his mouth to it and said, "mommommomma" and waited. I peaked my head around the corner and those little arms stretched straight up in the air. One of the many things that fascinates me about a baby is how when they wake up, their brain seems to be wide awake instantly. I can sit Carter in front of his toys and he goes right into playing. He's so active within 10 seconds after waking up. I wish I had that much energy the moment my feet hit the floor. Waking up 30 minutes early caught up with him this morning though and he is now back in his bed napping.
He has been in "discovery mode" the last few weeks.

Unfortunately, these are the things that he is the most curious about:

- Daddy's shoes
-He wants to look inside the kitty's litter box (This will not happen-yuck)
-He wants to be all up in the toilets (ick)
-He wants to climb the trash can

It seems he wants anything that involves bacteria.

His favorite things to play with are:

Above all else- the cell phone, (which he thinks is called a "bye")
-doors (open, close, open, close)
- the xbox and PS3 buttons,
-the rockband guitar and drums
-vaccuum cleaner
-books (he can sit and look at books all day)

This is a really fun age (and I think he is really helping me burn calories)

He can say "light", "kitty" , "dadda", "momma" plainly.
He is saying A lot of jibberish constantly and he repeats alot of what he says over and over. Yesterday he acted frustrated that I wasn't understanding what he was trying to say (I was thinking it was a little early for that but apparently not)

Well, he is in his crib yelling for me so I'm off to chase my child around the house then off to town. Everyone enjoy your day! xoxo


Angie said...

Every time I'm around a baby I think that I wish I had one-tenth of the energy they have.

Paige Todd said...

They grow up fast!