Friday, April 3, 2009

He's my

I am SO Thankful for having this wonderful man in my life. Every single time I look at him I am reminded of how extremely Blessed I am. ( Him and Carter Both, of course). I feel very fortunate to know that without a shadow of a doubt, he and I will remain faithful and together as long as we both shall live. We both went into this marriage knowing it was where God wanted us to be. We prayed and God answered and I am so happy that God is guiding us through this life together. Travis is an amazing person with a good soul and no better could ever exist for me. Everytime we hear of people going through rough times in their marriages, it reminds us of how good God has been to us and it makes us strive to lean on him more and more because we know he is the strength in our relationship. I definitely believe in Soulmates :)


Tiffany Gannon said...

Love this post..I too am feeling so darn blessed in my life right now!! Praise God for amazing husbands, extraordinary families, and wonderful friends. Wishing you and your sweet family a peaceful weekend!

Tiffany Gannon

Tanya said...

What a sweet post!! I feel the very same way about my husband!! I honestly don't know what I would do without him!! Yes, we are so very blessed! I honestly thank God everyday for my many blessings. Sometimes I think to myself, "I wonder if he gets tired of me saying that?" ha... Oh well! I just want him to know how much he is appreciated! Love the post.

beth said...
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