Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making Goodies

I've been making Goodies for all the referring dentists in town for the Oral surgery Practice I work at. I'm getting really into it. I think I'm going to make some for our UPS driver and mail deliverer too. It's so much fun to make stuff for people. I'm on a "just because I appreciate you" kick.

I just thought of something....
I'd like to make a big plate/ cookie jar full of goodies for God.
Wouldn't that be nice? To be able to give him a gift for all that he does for us?

My actions can be my "Goodies" for him.

I will strive to live the best life as a child of God I possibly can. I will witness his love, I will work VERY hard at not spreading gossip, I will return Love for hate and return kindness for rudeness. i will continue to strive to have a Compassionate and forgiving spirit.
Those will be my "Goodies" for God to show him my appreciation.

What will your "Goodies" for God be?

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