Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everything is just a shoe rack away :)

A friend stopped by the house this afternoon and she freaked out (in a good way) when she discovered my "space saving" technique. She was talking about how her daughter needed some ribbon for a project and I took her back to my "craft area" located behind my spare bedroom door. I have a shoe holder on the back of every door in my house except for the main bathroom. She was shocked that she had never thought of it before. So, i thought I'd share the idea with those of you who may have never really thought about it before. One of my favorite people, Rhonda Galligan inspired the idea for me once while we were organizing her kitchen. She had a shoe holder hung on the pantry door for all of her spices. I thought it was just brilliant. Here's some pictures of my closets (I know, I know, like you really need to see my junk but I'm feeling helpful)

This one is in my bathroom. I cut it so that Carter wouldn't be able to reach it anytime soon.

This one is hanging on my hall closet. I need to cut it as well so little man can't get into anything harmful.

This one is for most of Carter's shoes

and this one is for his Burp cloths..You SO can't have too many of those...

I have another one for my shoes, one for my craft items, and another for my socks, belts, and other accessories.
So there's my tip, it's not much but maybe it will help someone get organized.

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