Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy and you know it clap your hands...Clap, Clap!

Sunday Recap and Randomness

I Loved this Beautiful day. I don't mind losing an hour either if it means daylight after 6pm. I'm dreading the cold weather coming our way after the expected storms. I'm ready for consistant warm weather. Warm weather makes me an extremely happy person. today we heard a wonderful message at church. We visited Northside Baptist today. Very friendly faces there and I got to see Mrs. Courtney as well :)
We had an amazing dinner at my mom and dad's house then we went by the office and Travis hung up my shelf (yay) that I wanted for extra space and organizing. (hooti-whoo) I LOVE having more space for notebooks, claims, paper, etc...

Then we came home and I cleaned out The Rav and we played pool in Travis's "Man Room" (Ha...cracks me up everytime I call it that) then we went for a walk. Carter loved it but I cut it short because the wind was really going off...
Travis Bought me a bluetooth so I get to be one of those people you see that look as though they are talking to themselves. Yes, that will be me. Of course I'll be the loud one because for some reason when I am talking with it, I raise my voice as if i am talking on the phone that is in my pocket or bag at the time. (It's going to take some getting used to). I'm looking forward to it since I am on the phone constantly with work. Still an adjustment though....
It's been a wonderful day. Carter Finally gave up and took a nap at 6pm. He had been going strong all day and by-passed his 12pm nap. He's been babbling all day long. Super Cute! He even gave the cat a piece of his mind earlier when she chose to get up and leave the room when he tried to detach her tail from the rest of her body.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week filled with God's Amazing Spirit!

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