Monday, March 2, 2009

The Bachelor makes me too

What a Crazy Bachelor


Blessings Of Life! said...

I don't get to watch the Bachelor but I did get to hear that it was a crazy ending!

I love the snow-woman. I hope you enjoyed all that snow (probably still enjoying it). We had fun in the snow Sunday but have been to busy to play since.

I promis I'll get to that 4 things list soon when I get some x-tra time. I plan to work on my blog tommorrow night.

Blessings Of Life! said...

Oh,,, and I have been praying for your friend. This subject is really been heavy on my heart. I also know 6 couples going through or recently gone through divorces. It truly, truly breaks my heart. I know that God can get you through anything because he has brought me though so many things. God is So Good!!!

I heard this mornning that Cornerstone is showing the movie Fireproof this Friday and having a seminar on Saturday, not for sure what time but if anyone wants to know, I can find out.