Saturday, January 31, 2009

Randomness ;)

Okay...the deal is to tell 25 random things about you. i've done this before but I was able to come up with more. It took forever...

I'm tagging everyone on my blog list so get it to it ladies :)

Love ya!

1. I have been chased by a texas longhorn bull. It was terrifying at the time but Hilarious in retrospect.

2. I once stopped on the side of the highway to rescue this little puppy, only to find once I got a closer view, that it was actually a groundhog... and in that moment I also learned that groundhogs can hiss at you and be rather intimidating.

3. I watched my great-great grandmother pass away when I was 3 years old. She had just sat down after I had snuck up behind her and said "Boo"...for years I thought I literally scared her to death but now I choose not to believe that I might have.

4. My house burnt down when I was 16 and my dad let me go the whole day thinking I did it by leaving the curling iron plugged in. While in reality, he accidentally caused it (and the curling iron was in the cabinet...err...or in what was the cabinet at one time)

5. I Absolutely LOVE Piano Music.

6. I used to get up at 4am and bottlefeed calves. I loved it and wanted my own farm.

5. I had a pet goat when i was 5 but it ran

6. My Brother means the world to me. I Thank God so much for who he has become.

7. I used to cry when i was little because I wanted to take my toy box with me to Heaven and figured God wouldn't allow outside toys.

8. It breaks my heart to see where I grew up. I miss that place a lot.

9. I remember everything about my childhood. I can even give detailed scenarios back to the age of 2, like the day our first pet was ran over.

10. There is a right way and a wrong way of how to place toilet paper on the dispenser.

11. Since Carter came along, I haven't went a day without my face hurting from smiling so much.

12. I have a scar in between my eyes where Corey Davis threw a rock at Tim York and missed.

13. I had to take speech class from 1st to 2nd grade...(Couldn't get the th's..example: "Thumb"was "Fumb"...bless it)

14. I have 3 poems published in 2 different books from when I was 17.

15. I Love Naps.

16. My friend Robin and I got lost at Disney World. By the time we found her mom, she was so angry that we ended up turning around and running back the way we came.

17. There's no place like Crackerbarrel. Love the hashbrown casserole!

18. My most treasured objects are my photographs of family and friends.

19. I think my parents have the best backyard ever.

20. DVR has ruined me. I record everything and wait til my show is almost finished recording before watching it so I can skip commercials.

21. I'm all about rocking chairs, porch swings, and drinking sweet tea out of mason jars.

22. I get overly excited to help people move, clean, and unpack. I Love the whole "new" experience.

23. The biggest adjustment since having Carter is that I can't be there for my friends like I would have been before.

24. I am and will be forever grateful for whoever came up with the idea of Drive-thrus.

25. I've been upset with my husband a total of maybe 5 times over the past 6 years. We are so compatible it's almost scary.

Your turn :)


Ashley said...

This facts are too cute. I can remember all the way back when I was little too, it used to freak my grandma out because she said I was "too young" at the time to be remembering things but I always got them right, I wasn't making it up.
Well and about the new experiences :), we are moving soon, lol wanna help :)

Paige Todd said...

You're so funny! But I don't know which is the funniest... You having a pet goat or it running away!!!

valued embellishments said...

i loved this - i think i'll do it sometime this week :)