Thursday, December 25, 2008

Could be worse...

Well, The Rigsby household is sick. I tried my best to keep Carter away from all those suffering from "The Crud" but nevertheless he started out with a cough..then followed and congested little nose..then onto a face that easily read "my throat is killing me when I cough or make my fun noises". We were up for 2 nights, other than a few hours where we were able to sleep as long as I sat straight up with him on my chest. He started feeling a little better yesterday morning thankfully but Travis and I both started feeling bad about the time Carter seemed to be feeling better. My throat feels SO raw. Travis seems to not be feeling as bad. His throat is just "scratchy". I'm praying he doesn't get the full extent of this sore throat. Now I see why Carter couldn't sleep. I'm praying we don't all pass this awful cold back and forth and at the same time, I'm thanking God that it isn't worse than what it is.

On another is Christmas!

Happy Birthday Jesus! :)

Everyone enjoy your time with your loved ones and please pray that mine feel better soon!

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