Friday, October 8, 2010


I bought a table at freds for around $15 a few years ago to use at the office for our fridge to sit on. Well, I found an even better table with storage included for all of our office manuals and such so I brought my little $15 table home. Carter uses it on occasion to stack blocks on or to pretend "cook" on in the kitchen when I'm making dinner. 
well, let me show you what I did.....

First I dismantled the legs and grabbed some green paint.

Then I added a few more coats of paint, a pond and a road.....

And Polyurethane so little man doesn't peel the paint up with his first lap around the track :)

Obviously my road is not at all perfect. I have no talent with painting or drawing but luckily my 2 year old thinks I rock and recognizes what I "try" to do.  I was going to attempt to add little houses, signs, and a bridge but decided, I'd rather him use his imagination -plus that makes less for me to mess up on ;)

One of my other projects in the making is this sweet little chair I found at a yardsale for $2.

I took off the ratty old seat and hit her with some glossy red spray paint.

Now, she just needs a new seat, Lauren's name possibly, and some flowers and she will be good to go :)

I got Mr. Spidey out today too. 

I Love him. I caught him checking me out with those big ol eyes last year at Crackerbarrel and decided to pick him up. Every Halloween, all the family members that can make it out, spend Halloween with us and we have Chili, hotdogs, grilled cheese sandwiches, and make smores while handing out candy. Mr. Spidey fits in perfectly (He holds the Chili). I was excited to sit him out on the counter. Autumn and Halloween decor is so fun and festive. It gets me into the holiday spirit.  :)

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Allison said...

Love them! Especially the table! Cute idea!