Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Working on a full house..without even realizing it ;)

So, as I mentioned a while back I went to my new dr. for some lab work to see how my pcos was doing and to our surprise the tests came back as if i no longer had it. My dr. called me back a few days later and said that my progesterone was higher than an average person without past fertility issues. It wasn't but a few days later I realized that there was a chance we were pregnant ( I always throw my husband into the pregnant category because he definitely goes through it with me). I went back to the dr for a few more tests and she came back in the room and told me obviously my body had "corrected itself" because we were definitely pregnant. Just two short weeks after that the "all day sickness" struck and hasn't left yet. When we went for the heartbeat, dr. Reddin wanted me to bring Travis back 2 days later to do the ultrasound because she wanted to see if there were twins in there. I almost passed right out but they did 2 different ultrasounds last Thursday and there was only one little peanut bouncing around in there. Travis would have fainted, no doubt! LOL! He was checking out minivans on the internet before we left. I told him if it were twins I would prefer a limo. hehe...

I have been completely blown away. I wasn't expecting to ever get pregnant without the help of my friend "Clomid". The neat thing is that if everything works out, then Carter and new baby will be the exact age difference as me and my brother and that is so exciting to me because Chris and I were always so close growing up. In my own experience, it is the ideal age difference to me just because of my own childhood experience. Someone please remind me of this when I am about to pull my hair out while having a infant crying and a toddler running wild. This is going to be such a new experience. It already has been. Carter comes in during the morning sickness and says "ewwie momma" or "potty momma" (which is code for "quit being sick and move out of my way) and forget napping on days off  like before. This pregnancy is following the schedule of a 2 year old. It's going to be quite an experience with the year long breast feeding again (lordwilling it works out so that I can). I have a feeling the breast pump will be a new favorite toy of a certain little boy. This is going to be so much fun! I am going to start right now brainstorming routines and ways to stay super organized. Oh, and this time-LORDWILLING- the delivery will be so much easier. Scheduled c-section and if I don't lose conciousness this time, I will actually get to be there for it :)

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Kellie said...

YOU are going to do GREAT!!!