Monday, January 11, 2010

Let's Get Crafty :)

I cannot draw or paint very well, I cannot sew beyond making pillows, barbie doll clothes, and hemming  torn pants, hole in a shirt, sewing on a button, etc...

BUT I can follow directions very well and SO...I've been having some fun with a few SIMPLE projects and I get to feel all crafty afterwards :)

I've been playing HERE at Sister's Stuff and they have Crafty projects on their side bar.

Here are the projects they lead me to this weekend. I've had so much fun And surprisingly didn't have to purchase anything other than mod podge glue. I had all the other supplies on hand. I was so excited. All those diapercakes and invitations got me stocked up on Artsy Fartsy fun stuff :)


Post-it note Holders

Diaper Wipe Case

Sparkly Candles!

Making all those diapercakes and throwing all those baby/wedding shower(s), must have got me used to having some type of crafty project going.

We didn't do the Christmas Cards with Carter this year but I did get a Christmas Project made up for the members of our church. i forgot to post it back in December....

I LOVE The Teachers Center.  They have a different bag and box options you can cut out . These looked so festive in the little cubby mailboxes at church. I put a little tag on each one that said "Merry Christmas from Carter Rigsby". I already have my idea for what I will do next year. I may start early this year and store them (No candy involved).

Okay, now back to playing in Epson salt and mod podge glue. Good night and enjoy your week :)

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