Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tips Along the Way- Edited to ADD

Anyone who truely knows me, knows that the simplest things make me giddy. I was thinking today of all the cool little tips I have learned from people and decided I need to make a running list so I don't forget any of them and I want to share this off the wall, second nature, common sense stuff with you fine folks, (Even though the things I find cool may be "old news" or too "common sense" for you) There are just some things that i would have never thought about but everyone else in the world may react like, "well who wouldn't have thought of that". Any way, i digress....
My list is short for now but i will come back and add tips over time. If you have any tips to add, please let me know! It will make my day!

1. Always tape your receipt/warranty to the back of the merchandise. Example- Cd Player receipt/warranty- Bam!- tape it to the back of it so you will always know where the receipt is when or if you need to return the item. Definitely less of a chance of throwing the receipt away or misplacing it if it is stuck to the item in question :)

2. Rinse out can goods/can cat food after use so that when you throw the can away there isn't any lingering odor in the trash can :)

3. Freeze a couple packs of ketchup so that when toddlers/ young children get boo boos, you will have little ice packs on hand just the right size -(i love that one)

4. If you have a busy week ahead, Cook twice the amount you would normally cook and freeze half for a quick meal another day.

5.Regardless of how tired you are, resist the urge to leave your dishes dirty in the kitchen overnight. There is nothing more depressing than waking up to a dirty kitchen.

6.For longer lasting pantyhose, try freezing them before you wear them. Just wet, wring out and toss in a plastic bag to freeze. Thaw and hang to dry.

7.Use a lightweight pot for boiling pasta; water will come to its initial boil faster and will return to the boil faster, too, saving time and preventing the pasta from clumping at the bottom of the pot.

8.Never use disinfectants to clean the fridge, foods will pick up taste and odor.

9.When doing laundry, add detergent to the washer first. Pouring detergent on clothing can cause fabrics to fade.

10. Wiping the inside of the fridge with vinegar helps prevent mildew because acid kills mildew fungus.

11. To keep your extension cords from getting tangled, insert them into a empty toilet paper roll to store.

12. Use small zip lock bags to hold jewelry and keep each piece separate. I bought the plastic bags in the wedding/party supply area at walmart and keep my necklace charms in one and each bracelet in a separate one so that they are easier to find in my drawer and won't get tangled up. I also keep all my cross charms in one bag and rings in another. Great for organizing :)

13. To keep your plastic containers from getting stained from tomato based foods, rub the inside with vegetable oil before placing the food in the container. (I lightly coat with cooking spray)

14. Odor producing mold and bacteria in garbage cans: sprinkle 1/2 cup Borax in the bottom of the garbage can. (Borax can be found at walmart on the laundry detergent isle, on the end closest to grocery section for about $4 and will last you a loooong time)

15. Vinegar is my best friend, just search the internet for all its uses and you will be amazed. Baking soda and lemon is on that list as well.

16. Clean those dirty, dusty, mini-blinds in your house in a snap! Fill the bathtub with warm, soapy water and let the blinds soak. If they are white blinds add a little bleach to get rid of any stains.

17. Remove spilled nail polish from wood furniture: Don't wipe it up! The solvents in nail polish soften most finishes, and wiping may take off the finish. Instead, let the polish dry completely; then gently scrape it off with a credit card. Wax the surface, using superfine steel wool.

18. Wash your child's toys after an illness to prevent reinfection or infection of another child- and change the bed sheets and pillowcases!!!!

19. Before tossing that tube of toothpaste, cut a slant in the end of the tube and use up the rest of the toothpaste in there. There comes a certain point that it is a lot easier to squeeze it out of the other end.

20. Keep a small/medium (whatever size you prefer) in the trunk/back of your vehicle for groceries that way you don't have to rush those refridgerated items home. - Very good idea if you shop at Sams and have a 45 minute drive home :)


Kellie said...

Thank you Tara! ;)

I love #5 and #13

LeAnne Grissom said...

I love the hints. I could read them all day. I am going to put some of them to good use now. I love the pic in the post below. I remember when my boys were little and a nap was power cleaning time for sure. Now they are 11 & 8 and there is no Nap Time only double laundry with all the football practices we have. Have a great weekend.

Tanya said...

Oh girl, I so did not know about the pantyhose, ketchup and wiping a dish with oil to keep off stains... Thanks so much for the info.....Hugs....

A Step Ahead Dayschool said...

Hey girl I love the tip about Ketchup since I have a daycare we have lots of small boo boo.

~Kim~ said...

You are too creative! Love them!