Thursday, May 7, 2009

Got Milk :)

Well, it looks like it will be me and my pump for a while longer. My little guy turned one last Wednesday and after 5 fun days of trying to "dry up", I changed my mind. I decided that I want to do half mommy milk and half whole milk until he is 18 months- that is if my body cooperates. I Love knowing that he is getting the antibodies from the "mommys milk". Travis was surprised I wanted to continue but I didn't feel right stopping yet. I researched all the "perks" of the breast milk and it made me consider going to 2 years (using the pump, not the baby with all the teeth) but we shall see :)


~Kim~ said...

Tara~That is great! I didn't really "know" of all the perks to nursing, so my babies were formula fed. (Alex was on like 5 before we found one for him. His was Alimentum, $8 a day! lol) I admire you for sticking with it this long! Good for mommy and baby both! :-)

2 Little Irish Boys said...

Hello from Franklin TN!! I nursed my 1st until 18 months. My 2nd turns 1 June 2--I will probably just do morning/night feedings. He is a real food eater and my 1st wasn't at all, course when it comes time to give it up --I am sure I will chicken out. I enjoy nursing so much!!