Sunday, April 19, 2009

What a Weekend!

Just to warn you, this is very random....

Talk about multi-tasking! Travis and I were extremely motivated to get some things marked off our list this weekend. I washed the cars while he re-seeded the yard, then I cut back all the trees and landscape while he sprayed round up, then he cut back around the fence line while I hauled the brush into a big huge pile, then I grilled burgers while he cut up some wood for the firepit, then he planted a few plants while I potted some flowers for the front porch then he worked on one of his "project cars" while I did some baking and laundry and fed Mr. Carter who is just the coolest baby ever for being SO good for us through all the hours of yard work.

Last night we had a handful of friends over to watch the UFC competition. I ordered the new Panormous Pizza from Pizza Hut (Very Good by the way) I wish I had gotten a picture of Carter in the recliner with Travis, he fell asleep on his knees with his head on the arm rest. All the guys were there to watch the fight but I noticed they were very distracted by Carter. When he fell asleep they were all "ewwing" and "awwing"...Very manly :)
I love how babies have the ability to make just about anyone melt. I came across a cute quote once that read..."Babies...what a wonderful way to start people"..I could not agree more.

We are about to hit some milestones over here in the Rigsby home.
Carter will ALREADY be 1 on April 29th! I'm not believing how quickly the time flew. Everyone has said that it would go by super quick but wow, it was really like a blink of an eye.

Another big milestone (to me anyways) is that I will no longer be breastfeeding (as soon as Carter gets adjusted to regular milk). I was contemplating continuing it to 18 months but I have some frozen for the transition to regular milk and believe I can do half cow's milk and half breastmilk for up to about 14 months so as of right now I am satisfied with that.

I Finally have my treadmill (now that is warm outside of I cannot believe I have went so long without trying to get back into shape. I unintentionally have ended up giving myself a year to rest up and get ready to get in shape. After a cesarean they say rest for around 6 weeks but I really drug that one out.

I'm loving today. I've curled up in bed after Church and our family dinner. I got a good movie on, a mocha joe, my laptop and I am SO comfortable. I love the simplicities in life. This is a great way to "charge up" for Monday.


Tanya said...

Wow chick, you have had one busy weekend, but don't you just love those productive weekends??? I will be out of school in 2 weeks and I am going to clean, clean, clean. I can't wait. (And I can't believe I just said that!! Hahaha!)

HaileyDishman said...

You had a very productive weekend! Did you get the invite I sent you to my pinning ceremony? Hope you can come! :)

KROW said...

Reading your blog refreshes me!