Tuesday, April 28, 2009


EXTREME: Exceeding the bounds of moderation:going to the utmost or very great lengths in action, habit, opinion, etc...

I've been struggling with not coming across too "extreme" to those around me. But the more I think about it I believe being "extreme" when it comes to how I live my life for God is EXACTLY how I should strive to be. I think what messes me up is that Satan sees me working on getting closer to God and throws all my sins up in my face but you know what? God has forgiven me for the sins of the past and the more I strive to live for him, the way he wants me to live for him, the less sin there will be for Satan to throw at me. My goal is to strip him of his ammunition.

I need to be so much closer to God. I have to start devoting more of the time he gave me on this earth to him instead of to myself.

I must decrease, He must increase....

I'm in transition. That's how I should always be. On my path to getting closer to him, learning, studying. I should always be starving for him and that Wonderful book he left behind for me, that amazing study guide, that's what I should always crave.

A verse that runs across my mind a lot is the one that states,
"So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.~Revelation 3:16

This verse always makes me think of how I need to always be "Hot for God".. No "in betweens".

I will stumble, I will fall, but I must always, always strive to Stand for my Lord and Savior and be the best "Me" I can be for him. I can't decide how good of a child of God I am by comparison of his other children. That is not how it works. It isn't any type of competition. We can't think we are doing pretty good compared to "So and So" who goes out and drinks on Saturday night and is sitting on the church pew on Sunday morning. No, that won't work. One has nothing to do with the other.

I can't justify sinful behavior due to being upset at the time and needing to blow off steam. No swearing when I stub my toe, just because it hurt doesn't make the curse word okay. Whether we are happy, sad, or justifiably upset, Jesus is still in the room and still expects us to handle our emotions in a correct manner.

There is no justification in falling short of the Glory of God. We are to strive to be Christlike. No we cannot be perfect, but we are to strive to perfect for him. We can't use being "only human" as a stumbling block.

It's time to get Extreme for God. It's time to open that good book and learn about him and what he needs from us as his witnesses to the world.
How many books do we read, how many shows do we watch, how many phone conversations do we have? Do we have time for TV but not time for God? Time to read twilight but only open our Bibles on Sunday to follow along with what the preacher.

Are we putting in our time for the Lord or does he only get from 10:30am-1pm on Sunday?

I can pray and talk to God all day long but he also deserves my devotion time. He deserves so much more then just a Sunday Morning service. No excuses.

If I have time to write this blog, time for desperate housewives, time to watch the news, then I have time for God. It;s time to get over this "lukewarm" business. It's time to get

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