Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Just abloggin'

My poor husband has kind of thrown his back out. I feel so bad for him. Walking around all stiff and funny looking. Trying my best not to laugh at him. I really am a compassionate person but Travis and I have such a "fun" relationship it's hard for us not to pick at one another especially in times when we probably shouldn't. I told him I am going to buy him a cane in his old age. He lifted a very heavy piece of machinery all wrong last night at work and he had a paralyzing, sharp pain go up his back but then he was fine, that was until he bent down at the bathroom sink to wash his hands and it suddenly got a "catch" in it. So, when he went to wash his hands this morning, I shouted out, "WAIT! Be careful, you know what washing your hands does to your back!" I'm such a smarty pants :P
I promise I have been "babying" him in between jokes.

I've piled all kinds of fun stuff into today. I went grocery shopping at walmart and ended up having some good conversations with a few complete strangers. I love having chats with people I don't know. I like feeling all "connected".
I stopped by and visited with Monica at Dr. Wilson's office after Carter and I did some work at Dr. Jung's office and then I had a wonderful lunch with Sherry today. I ordered take out from Praters and she came over the house for lunch. She works about 2 minutes from our house so it makes us perfect lunch buddies on my days off.

Carter is having a "power nap" and I'm contemplating curling up beside him and taking a nap as well. We were up by 5:45am (against my will). Someone didn't want to sleep last night and yelled for me 6 times. It was brutal. Not hard to tell who the boss is around here :)

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