Sunday, February 22, 2009


The Rigsby household is finally in recovery from the horrible, yucky Stomache Flu that has plagued our lives since Thursday. For the VERY 1ST TIME in the 6 years Travis and I have been together, I finally witnessed him get sick. Bless his heart. I wouldn't wish what we have had on anyone and he had it so much worse than I did. I have felt so sorry for my boys and I am thanking God we are finally passed it. I'm praying that none of us have a relapse. We are still weak and queasy but we have came a long way from where we were. I spent my time in between "sickness" cleaning and sanitizing the house. I am worn out but I think the germs have been eliminated and hopefully life can get back to normal. I have A LOT to get accomplished this week at the office and as soon as our stomaches are ready to handle more than dry toast, I have a list of recipes I am excited to try. Also, I am getting my treadmill this weekend if all goes as planned so Yay! I am super excited about that. I am so ready to get back into shape. I Hope everything is going well with everyone. Love to you all :)

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