Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day for a neighbor, would you be mine? Could you be mine.?...Won't you be my neighbor?

Needless to say, the weather has made me very happy this weekend. I woke up to birds chirping. So Sweet! Yesterday, I had the windows half-way raised. The breeze was a little too much to have them open all the way (don't think I didn't try it) I'm all about having the windows open. I'm infatuated with the idea of smelling the outside air from the couch and seeing the curtains blowing in the wind. I have sheer white curtains in my bedroom and the spare bedroom specifically because as a child (probably around the age of 5) I can remember walking into my aunt's bedroom one day and staring at her sheer white curtains swaying in the wind as if they were dancing. I thought it was just the prettiest thing ever. It's neat how little things can stick with a person.

Carter had his 9 month check up on Thursday. He did very well. He was showing Dr. Eastham how he can clap and wave and was talking to him,in his own special language, with the occasional "momma" and "dadda" here and there. It actually sounded as if he was trying to tell the doctor something about us. He didn't cry when he got his shot. Though the nurse did receive a slight glare. He always glares at the one who inflicted the pain. He will stare her down as she leaves the room. It's too funny. They placed a bandaid on his finger after taking some blood and he held the finger with his other hand for hours afterwards as if the nurse had given him a toy and he didn't want to let it go. It was too cute. He would hold up his finger and show it to me EVERY time we made eye contact. He weighs 21.3lbs. I had expected him to weigh more. It feels like I'm carrying around a little bag of bricks.

Aterwards we went to Carrabas because Travis could not get passed their commercial that teased him all week long about a new dish. I didn't know until I got inside but Carraba's isn't baby friendly. No highchairs and no changing table. I guess I might should have expected that. Carter looked so cute sitting beside me in the booth. The waitress asked if she should bring crayons and a coloring book but I told her he would just eat them and she looked at me very strangely...He's tall for his age so she was probably thinking something along the lines of 'Why would you let your 3 year old eat stuff like that'.
Travis endured his first chick-flick since Mean Girls yesterday. We went to the matinee to see 'He's just not that into you'. I wish that movie had came out when I was younger. It was cute but it was not as funny as I had anticipated. Travis was the one and only guy in that theatre. Not that he cared but I was amused. He's ruined me. I'm all about watching more testosterone packed movies. The Borne Trilogy, Xmen, and Transformers are more my style now. Our next movie to see is Fireproof. I know it is supposed to be an awesome movie. I'm just waiting to get in the mood for a tear jerker. Not there yet.
Well, I'm off to get ready for the day. I hope everyone enjoys the gorgeous day ahead of us!


Tanya said...

That is one precious baby boy!! Too cute. Glad he did well with his shots.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for the comment, she did look pretty didn't she...although I am a little partial, lol!! This was her first year, and I think she had an awsome time to hear her talk about it!!

Carter is growing fast, such a cutie!! I bet he loves the outdoors already. I know all mine do!!

Kristin Green said...

carter is adorable, as usual:) I watched fireproof the other night with aubrey. It is a beautiful movie. I caught aubrey really paying attention to it and he usually hates movies that have a romantic side to it. The movie sent a powerful message! I encourage everybody to see it! My friend's husband the next day said something mean to her and aubrey said back man, didn't you learn anything from that movie we watched. It made me smile to hear him saying that. well I'll quit rambling, I got some homework I gotta do. Talk to ya later! luv ya!