Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watch out Bob Villa....hehe..

It's 2 am. I just got through dismanteling and fixing our kitchen sink which isn't even 2 years old. It just hit me that there's a possibility it's under warranty...hmm...oh well. It really was a fun experience. I felt all manly. It took me back to when Travis and I first got married. Before we bought our house, we lived in an older home and I used to stay up late into the night seeing what all I could accomplish before Travis got home from working third shift. One night I re-tiled the bathroom floor then that following night I repainted the kitchen. I'll regret staying up this late here in the next few hours when Carter wakes up but for the moment, I feel very accomplished. (Apparently it doesn't take much) ;)

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday and enjoys the snow!

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