Thursday, January 15, 2009

Inside Good...Outside bad...

I'm thinkin that tomorrow will be a great day to work at the home office instead of stepping foot outside my front (or back) door. I'm not a fan of cold weather and I am most definitely not a fan of cold weather unaccompanied by snow. I've been obsessed with randomly checking out our back door for any of the neighbors' pets. It's quite often I find the indoor cat and puppy from my neighbors pawing at our door. ( not yours or Brenda's Dee- The ones on the other side). I hate the thought of them freezing out there. I also can't help but think of that guy that pushes the buggy in town. He told me has a house and I'm hoping he truly does.

On another note, I FINALLY got my registeration certificate in the mail today, So I am Officially Registered. Which means, I have to work on getting my Continuing Education hours. Last time I tried that, I ended up at a conference where our hotel got hit by a tornado...Ahh, memories...Dr. W is all about picking destinations of natural disasters. Tornados, Hurricanes. I'd say Monica and I will be heading to where ever there's a good chance of an earthquake. Seriously, you do not want to be anywhere near Monica and I when we travel out of Warren county together. We can't make it passed Summittville without seeing a random stranger get hit by a car on the four lane or see something big and bright fall out of the sky. Which reminds me, we never did find out what that was...

Anyway, Time for some hot chocolate with marshmellow cream and cinnamon ;)

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Blessings Of Life! said...

Tara your blogs is so cute but not as cute as your baby boy. I love that pic with the chef hat. It seems thing are well with you, I hope they are.

I also am not a big fan of cold weather. If its going to be this cold ther should be lots of white stuff laying aroud. If it wasn't for my family and friends I know that I would move to a warmer place, but I will have to be satisfied with vacations to warm places.

Good luck and be carfull on getting your next CE hours:{