Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am so EXCITED!
Excited because the sun is shining, because I have a friend that is finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to marital problems, and because from the monitor sitting on this table, I can hear my sweet little boy take each precious breathe. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't have a moment where I pause and just THANK GOD for EVERYTHING. It doesn't matter how hectic things get at the office or how I end up all over the place trying to constantly do 2 things at once. I will never let myself get too caught up in my day to stop and thank the Lord for it. I can remember how uncertain I used to be of everything back before I got closer to God and it's such a blessing to not be off trying to make my own path. Instead I'm following God's path and it's such a beautiful experience. So fulfilling. I see people out in the World struggling to find happiness, looking for it in all the wrong places, and I just want to shout out to them, "LOOK UP!" Because that's where you can always find it. I'm cherishing what I have found in the Lord and there will never be a day that I take it for granted. I have to Thank God for my health for the ones that are sick, Thank God for my son and his health for those who have lost their children, Thank God for my job even when it gets stressful for those who can't find work, Thank God for every day, even the not-so-great moments for those whose lives have been cut short. I surely will not take this life and these blessings for Granted! God is so good!

Mr. Carter is now awake and really wants to type so here's a message from him:

MN00 .H9UJ-P- M09 H

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. Ha! He looked so professional while deciding which keys to hit. ;)


Tanya said...

Tara, thank you for posting this beautiful message. Your blog is so inspiring. Loved it.

Our Lil Rockstarz said...

You are a very much so inspiration to all Tara and your family is also. Congrats on the accomplishments you have done. Carter is such a baby doll.

Julie said...
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