Friday, November 7, 2008

Thank God for the good ones...I know i do

I ran into a childhood friend of mine tonight and I am so glad that I did. There are certain people from my past that remind me of the good times shared and she is definitely one of them. She is such a kind and warm individual. She introduced me to the movie 'Gone with the Wind', she got me through math class, the list can go on and on....There are people that come into your life and just really make it better. She was one of those that did that for me. She was a good role model and she really gave me a "boost" when we spent time together and i truly thank her for that. I want to strive continuously to be the kind of person that lifts others up. i've never been one to have much confidence. My dad is a great person but he was always quick to criticize mine and my brothers actions. Instead of just saying, good job, he could always tell us how we could have been better. It was always, "That's a good job, BUT..." or "you look nice, BUT....."His parents did the same to him and I catch myself always thinking of the "better route" whe people come to me with problems....(wow, i have no idea how I got to this conversation. This blog is like therapy, I'm gonna stumble on supressed issues from when I was My point is it's time to lift up your fellow man..err...Woman. Just be genuinely complimentive and positive. Don't go looking for the bad. No one is perfect so sure, you can always find negative but go for the good, look for the good and you will find the good. Everyone has a good side. You can go to anyone's best friend, even the best friend of your enemy and they can tell you about how sweet and caring your own sworn enemy is, ya know. we all have the ability to have great character and we shouldn't settle for having less. And there you have it.
(oh yeah, and when I say "you" I'm usually talking to myself. :)

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