Saturday, October 25, 2008

Counting Blessings

In line at walmart tonight, the girl in front of me was purchasing diapers- the smallest pack available, and she was still a few dollars short. It broke my heart. I just can't imagine your child having a need and you not being able to fulfill it. (Don't worry, she walked out of walmart with those diapers, I assure you) but oh, it left me tore up. On the way home, not to come of like a pessimist, but I got to thinking about how awful it has to be for those who have children with medical issues. How frustratingly painful it has to be to not be able to fix everything. Anyway, I don't want to talk to much on that topic. It gets me all upset.
On another note, this weekend was really great. Travis and I went on a date Friday night, the first date in about 3 months. Mom kept Carter. We missed him a lot but it was nice that he had time with my parents and we had time together. Then tonight was girl's night out for dinner. I was surrounded by some really good company. I love the ladies I have in my life. They are all so sweet and caring- and hilarious. I think we laughed more than we talked.
Tomorrow is the Sunday ritual of church then off to mom and dad's for dinner then back home followed by Travis, Carter and I in the floor for "belly time" my lazy little guy will do something other than lay there eating the blanket and kicking his legs as if swimming on land. I really think if i put him in water while he does that whole kicking thing, he just might be competition for Michael Phelps.

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Thank you, Kristin Green said...

hey tara..this broke my heart too!! I want a baby more than anything but with the way jobs are coming and going and the economy makes me think whether or not this is a good time or not:S anyways I wanted to comment on carters picture up top...he looks ljust like you!!!!! hes a doll love you!!