Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Where are you?

So there you sat heartbroken, so lost and frustrated. You were tired. You were over feeling like this. You tried everything you knew to do. Everything you were comfortable enough to do. Such heavy negative emotions, sad, angry, just so broken. You cried out to God, 'Where are you?!'...and he in return, asked you the very same question.....Do you not know he is jealous for you? he wants all of you. You are 1st on his list. Wouldn't you think he wants to be 1st on your list?  Before everything. Before everyone else. He needs you to lean in close so you can hear him. This is going to require leaving your place and going to him, let him communicate through his word. You are going to have to sacrifice. Never more than what he has sacrificed for you. You may have to be long suffering. Never as long suffering as he has been with you. You will have to be selfless, but never as selfless as he has been with you. What he could do with us and for us if only we would let him. Can you just picture it. Up there in the heavens, the angels seeing the spiritual battle going on, witnessing us getting beat by our own stubbornness and selfishness. Watching us get caught up in the world and  sins of the world followed by seeing us shocked the sins of the world caught us. I can picture an angel turning to God and asking him why do you put up with them acting like this? Aren't you frustrated? They want to do it their own way instead of letting you guide them through the very life you gave them?! They blame you for every bad and evil thing in that sinful world when really you are what can and has delivered them from the transgressions and they have the audacity to Cry out asking where you are when they are too busy living for themselves, throwing out prayer requests when convenient, wanting their requests to be made known when they do not live to follow your requests! They don't want to give up their time to allow you to communicate to them through your word. They don't want to sacrifice anything. They harden their hearts. And when you don't hurry and make things comfortable for them immediately, they turn their back on you. And you still Love them...question friends, How loved do you suppose God feels by you? Maybe he is crying out-where are you?

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