Monday, July 28, 2014

Love & Marriage.

Love is an Action. Within our marriage, I found quickly that Love was so much more action than emotion. I knew going into our marriage and Travis and i talked about how, I live to be there for him, he lives to be there for me. We have God in the center, seeking his will. I think of his needs, He thinks of mine, and that's how our marriage will function. Will we hit bumps in the road, of course. Will we have disagreements? of course. Will we always remember to seek God in the disagreements? We better. While I have an overwhelming Love for him and appreciation.. Actions bring forth the stirring of that Love and actions of love show him that appreciation just like with how we serve God.

 Our message at church last night was so good and hit that nail on the head so to speak.
Over the past few years, divorce has reared it's ugly, unnatural head in some of the lives around me and the conviction that comes over me when I hear loved ones have made that choice is strong and ground shaking. breaks my heart for them.

 The definition of love given through the Reformers unanimous program is as follows:

Love is defined as the willing sacrificial giving of oneself for the benefit of others without thought of return.

When I hear someone say they aren't in Love anymore, that the feeling of Love isn't there, that is saying, "He" or "I" or "We" have stopped showing Love within our actions. It says, one or the other or both, are not willing to sacrifice for the vow they made to God and to the one they did Love and should Love. When we Love someone, we have to act like it. Sin can get in the way of that. Solution from what I read in the Bible is to remove the sin, forgive the sin, and get back to God.

It's scary. In the Bible when God's children went against his laws and his will for their life, punishment was usually brought on to their generations. Their children.  Their babies were affected negatively by their sin. I can see and witness what happens to kids just living through divorce. That seems like punishment enough. Some say they don't feel staying together for the children is right. God doesn't want you to stay together just for your children.  He wants you to stay together for him.  From what I have read in the Bible, you must take God seriously. Yes, he is Loving and Forgiving but we are to not grieve the Holy Spirit and He chastises those he loves and while someone may think, "I would rather take the punishment than to be unhappy" (by the way, through Faith God can and will bring satisfaction to your life though trials and tribulation may absolutely be part of it).  You have no idea what results from knowingly choosing to go against God. drawing near to God helps you remember to keep that Faith. notice how when our children do something wrong it's usually in another room away from us? People put that space between themselves and God when doing wrong.  When I am out with my kids, I have them keep within sight in most cases because they do way less wrongs when I am within sight. We need to take that consideration with God. Keeping ourselves within his sight. Don't leave the room where it is easier to do wrong.   Divorce is a clear result of selfishness. It's a lack of sacrifice. It's avoidable. If both parties are where they should be with God, it wouldnt be an option. When I hear someone say Divorce is on the horizon, it's as if they are saying they are giving up on Faith in God. Divorce is a lack of Faith in God.  I have seen where a couple wasn't yoked up to God and one spouse tried and it seemed too late to reach the other person. Those married must take heed. Never allow your relationship to get out of God's hands. And if you see your marriage getting out of God's hands, Do everything you can to get you and your spouse together under the mercy of the Lord. You do not want to live out of God's will. yes, he can bring good from bads but to knowingly go against him. what Blessing can be expected? God can save your marriage at any state it is in. Just have to let God in. I am not trying to come across in a negative light here. my conviction is to say, "It is never too late to Let God take control of your life and your marriage. he can do anything. He can fix anything. He is the Perfect one to fix us. He is the voice of Truth. he looks to bring Glory out of the trials and tribulations sins brings us to. He gets blame for so many of our wrongs then isn't even given the opportunity to bring his glory out of our situations. 

Seen this quote yesterday: "More marriages would succeed if those who said "I DO" actually Did."  

The Love of a marriage is one of the closest examples of Christ's Sacrifice for his body of believers. He is the Bride of the church. He sacrifices for his believers. We should sacrifice some things for him. Including going through some hard times while we get back where we should.

Are you mad at God? Did he do this to you? Are you mad at God because of your spouse?  God didnt go anywhere. He never changed. He consistently stands with his hands stretched out to reach us. I have heard it said, we are like fish on a line, he  pulls gently at us trying to get us as close to him as we allow. If you are getting beat in the rapids, swim toward him! Don't break the line. He wants you! He does not bring harm your way. Sin does. Maybe your spouses sin brought you to a point of unhappiness. God gave free will to All of us and our sins affect each other at times. Just as the sin of divorce will affect your loved ones. Getting angry at God for free will in this world,  how can you justify that anger? Don't let Satan cloud your thoughts. Be mad at Satan for getting to you, for getting to your spouse. Be mad at Sin, be mad at the Fall of Man. God is blameless.  Retaliate against the sinful world by not falling over anymore of those stumbling blocks. let your vengeance be turning your back on the sins of the world and getting into prayer, bible study, church, Get back to God. he is exactly where You left Him. He never left you. He never leaves us. He will never leave us. He sacrificed for us. His actions show his Deep Love for us. Allow your actions to show your Love for him.  Make that willing sacrificial giving of  yourself  for the benefit of your spouse without thought of return. Love them. Love is An Action. Put it to action.

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